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  3. Jesus Christ almighty, maybe it's just the outfit, but I have never seen her look so big and so good. All that flesh stuffed into a tight, belted, low-cut, sleeveless dress with lapels...that's like a dream to me.
  4. The good news is social media makes it easier and easier to discover the most beautiful ssbbws who are out there, and the body positivity movement is only making it easier for those women to put themselves out there. I'm starting to think we're living at the beginning of a golden era for Tess- or Miranda-level beauties!
  5. I love Louange as well. She’s absolutely stunning. Simone Mariposa is another model too that is quite large along with Tess Holliday. I just wish there were way more out there you know?
  6. 50 nugget challenge 🤤🤤

    thanks to @KittyPiggy for kick starting this! 💖💖


  7. Each one is a goddess. Have you seen Louange? https://curvage.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/41387-louange-short-superfat-insta-model/ I spotted her in some joint posts with MS2. If you like Miranda and MS2, you'll love Louange: she is short, round, and only getting more massive all the time.
    Wow isn’t that uniform looking small! You’re looking gorgeous as always. Your belly is just devine and I love how it just totally envelopes your clothes. A great and really fun clip. Highly recommend purchasing as with all Porky Princess clips 😊❤️
  8. I love Thicchols and her fat legs
    That shirt has no chance, only thing sexier than your fat belly is the look you give as you know that your fat lifestyle has made you too big for these clothes!
  9. Have a loot at my newest video TOO FAT FOR MY SHIRT.

    i was bursting inside that shirt, then i will make it pop away and suck my belly in and out ;)




  10. She's not just big and fat. Her face is so beautiful. Like a renaissance painting. This is why she's one of my all time favs.
  11. So many hot videos! I would love to see you grace the catwalk in Milan. 🐱
    Good Video. Wish she'd take bigger bites or stuff them whole. Just some constructive feedback for other videos.
  12. This is only a month's difference! 😮🐷💕


    Check out my weigh in pic set to see ALL the weight I've packed on, it's shocking! ..my next goal is 225! 


  13. I love this picture. I love seeing how beautiful and big Diana Sirokai is compared to these other “models”. Definitely need more diversity and real beauty in modeling agencies with more models like Diana. I love her 


  14. Some old tummy pics, I’ve definitely grown since these...






  15. Ramman25

    On what?

    On what?? I googled the name and can’t find her
  16. It's nice to have back and looking fatter than ever.❤️
  17. MEOW .. The Curvy Cannabis Cat has a treat for you ..... ❤️ Im sitting on the couch .... my belly is exposed ... you see me and you know you can’t resist touching my soft, round, juicy belly. My rolls look good SO good you get the urge to BITE ... You drop to your knees as you come play with this soft, growing, round belly 😘🤩
  18. Looking for a new background or avatar for my profile. Any ideas? Figured i’d feature more of my favorite plus size models 

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