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    My cute fit girl lets go

    I can’t get enough of these tight shorts 😍😍😍 she knows how to turn me on lol! 👌👌
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    Just a quick hello

    So just a quick update. I’ve been making her a shake every night before she goes to bed. I usually make it with 1/2 cup of ice cream, 1/2 cup of heavy cream, a cup of whole milk, peanut butter or Nutella, and a banana . Sometimes I’ll switch it up and just buy her a large blizzard. Can you tell any difference? In the comparison pic the top photo was taken mid January and the bottom this weekend. Thoughts?
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    I just wanna say I'm so overwhelmed by all the followers, you guys are awesome & I love you all 🥰 This is what these jeans looked like 28ish lbs ago lol
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    Goodgirlgrows Again

    Second Item of Housekeeping! GGG+, which is a douchy joke name for my new photoset series will drop next week. It is going to be weekly collection of the same exact daily photos of a handful of poses. There will be two views to start: full length mirror and portrait mirror. I will add more views if the people who are into this suggest some. It's going to also include a morphing .gif of each view. To show you guys what I mean, the first full-length view will be posted to the forum. The portrait view will go up for subsequent stand-alone price. There will also be monthly mega comparisons that compare the last day of each week and then a gif of me morphing through every day of that month. I tried screenshooting a video and I am never doing that again. It turned out like shit lol.
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    This is only a month's difference! 😮🐷💕 Check out my weigh in pic set to see ALL the weight I've packed on, it's shocking! ..my next goal is 225!
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    I started "vlogging" my time on the cruise so I can update you as I eat my way through this week! it's impossible not to stuff myself when I have access to a buffet all day! 😅
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    Candii Kayn

    Guess who’s officially overweight as of the end of January 😜🥳
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    I did so much eating on vacation. So much street food. So many fun restaurants. And, when I got back, I missed the food here so much that I've been gobbling it down, too 🤣
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    i'm going on a cruise!!!! you know what that means...🐷😊
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    It’s my day off from work so I plan on eating all day! ✨ Breakfast: 5 tacos and a tub of rice 🍚 & large coke 🤤
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    Goodgirlgrows Again

    This is what my stuffed belly looks like now. Notice how my thumbs sinks into my soft fat!
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    Generic User's Girls

    Hot off the press. I don't think she's really growing anymore, but that fat ass is here to stay.
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    On a little weekend vacation in my hotel room, I just posted a video of me bouncing up and down and inspecting my growing belly. I noticed some new red stretchmarks on my left arm fat and on the sides of my belly. I am still trying to lose weight like I was before my vacation but all I have done is gain and quickly. Also a new weigh-in video will come in in a day or two😘
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    When someone wants to marry you ALL cause of your booty..now that's a compliment LOL 😅 should I say yes?! 💍💕
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    Another photo in those jeans I found 😋💕 These are a size 14 ..I'm now a size 16!
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    My chubby hottie with a body

    Been a member here for a while now, but have never really posted. Met my girlfriend about 7 months ago, and opened up relatively early on about enjoying feederism. Initially she wasn’t super comfortable with it and didn’t like her body, but since we have helped beat her disliking of her body. Now she loves to tease me and stuff herself to get me off. She’s only 5 feet tall and although she likes to avoid the scales she has gained about 5 pounds in the past few months which is a start. started off with some older ones and they go to more recent.
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    Gorgeous asian girl with a flawlessly toned body, even through her first pregnancy. Then she has her second pregnancy. Still hot, but now with a plump belly that she can't hide, and admits she isn't able to get her figure back. Pre-Pregnancy Body: The pictures speak for themselves. Post-Pregnancy 1: A little plumpness but her body comes right back. Admits to wearing a body shaper on occasion. Post-Pregnancy 2: No more bikinis, and no way to hide the extra belly fat.
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    Ellana Bryan

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    Sina Xo

    Once a feedee, always a feedee I guess.
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    Some old tummy pics, I’ve definitely grown since these...
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    Good morning fellas ☀️ really feeling myself this week & check out that whale tail tan line! 🐋 so proud of how big my booty is getting! 🍑
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    Mr. Button

    BloatedBarbie aka Miss Mad Love

    Maybe they're too extreme but they're just drawings after all...😎
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    🐽 🐷

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    I was feeling myself in my new jammie set 🙂 Feels good to be Medium. Gonna do a photo set or stuffing or something in it soooooon. I look so skinny... I need to eat more.
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    Guess who’s officially overweight as of the end of January 😜 this little piggy! Goodbye average, hello being finally chubby ❤️🐷
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    Well... @OtherBarry is our new Weekly Comment Contest winner!! The previous one disappeared! "It’s only a matter of time before that Taco Bell shirt becomes a crop top, and those crop tops are donated to a thrift shop; waiting to be worn by someone who isn’t an insatiable hog. It’s only a matter of time before that paunch of yours will completely completely cover your seatbelt; always unbuttoning your pants so that massive doughy mound spills out into your lap because you can never wait until you get home before you start digging into your takeout. It’s only a matter of time and a couple hundred pounds before your old gym hangs a before and after set of you on the wall to show what happens to those greedy pigs that forsake fitness, and spend all day shoveling junk food down their gullet. It’s only a matter of time.⏱🐽" Message me for your free clip, OtherBarry!
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    My cute fit girl lets go

    So she was looking so big and full last night! So crazy to see how heavy she has gotten 😍😍🤭🤭 I was actually shocked when I looked at these pictures. Idk if it’s the outfit or what but she looks huge! This is a 7 month difference guys... she eats so much now 😍
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    Bella Abbondanza

    Bella Abbondanza

    No worries boys!
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    Candii Kayn

    I know it sounds cliche but body positivity is a really important thing in this day and age. Everyone of all genders should be comfortable in their own skin. Fat, thin, average, thick, curvy, slim thick, tall short, muscular, lean, blind, burned, amputee and everything else. People should be celebrated for who they are rather than “what they should be.” At heart, I’m a feedee because I enjoy gaining weight and eating, feeling myself getting bigger. It’s erotic and it’s extremely enjoyable with my fiancé. By that same token, I’m not going to call out another girl on here or F.e.** or whatever because she’s “too skinny” which makes her “a fake feedee.” I started off skinny, I’ve been called fake more times then I can count in this community, but I’m still here. “Fake” is defined within the intention of the acts...not how one looks. I’ve had people ask me “how can I be like you?” “I want to gain like you!” “You’re an inspiration!” While all of this is flattering and humbling...you will never be like me. By the same token, I will never be like them. No one will ever be great at being me like I am, just like I will never be as great as being...I don’t know...BloatedBarbie. Only she can be great at being her, if I tried...I would only be average at being her. Body positivity goes beyond just the physical form of a human being. I want to pave the way for self acceptance within this community and just life in general. I want to be a pioneer for people to love themselves despite what others think of them. One’s self worth is not based upon how many likes on social media one gets, how much weight one gains in a year, how many cars one has. It’s based upon who you are as a person, the selflessness of your intentions, and the contributions you make towards the world as a whole. That’s what I want to be a pioneer for. If I just so happen to inspire other models to eat more and put on a few extra (dozen) pounds, then so be it!
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    Post War Boom

    A two parter romance set during and shortly after WW2. An American Commando falls in love with a fierce French Resistance operative...who has some interesting appetites. The consequences of those appetites aren't apparent during the constraints of the greatest war in history, but when peace breaks out... .... Looking back on my life, I have to say that the summer of '46 was the happiest one I ever had and it was all because of Fleur. The previous five years had been a nightmare. Just like Sherman had said eighty years earlier, war was all hell. Lives being wasted by the million from New Guinea to Norway, all the awful industry of modern civilization turned to destroying all because some mustachioed freak was pissy he only had one nut. Before the war I'd been two years into a double French and German Major at Harvard, the type of useless degree that you can pursue when you've got New England blueblood money that the depression didn't even dent. Once the Pacific Fleet went from floating on top of to being beneath Pearl Harbor's waters, I signed up for the Army. A lot of men of my class went for cushy out of combat positions, but the Dahlgreens have always been fighters and Vincent Dahlgreen wasn't going to be the exception. I chose airborne and excelled at it. I was always built lean and strong, so basic officer training wasn't hard...but being multi-fluent meant I got picked for a special unit just as soon as I earned the right to blouse my pants over my boots. Being a part of a bushwhacking guerilla army dropped behind enemy lines into occupied France to teach the non-humanity having Nazis a lesson in fearing our knives and guns was not as fun as it sounded. Okay, there were times when it was fun. You really haven't lived until you've blown up a train full of Tiger tanks. But years behind enemy lines weren't a vacation. It was always either freezing cold or burning hot, we were never clean enough, never had enough food. That was before getting shot at frequently, by an enemy who always had superior numbers and superior firepower. We were always afraid of betrayal, not all the French were with the resistance, but the ones that were... I met Fleur within two days of parachuting into France. Few Americans hated Nazis more than her: her army physician father and brothers had died in the French Army during the invasion, her librarian mother killed seemingly at random right after and she'd been conscripted out into serving as a bar maid in a Luftwaffe rest area. We'd just started recon on the place when the Germans started foaming at the mouth and grabbing their throats from the poison she'd put in their steins. I won't say it was love at first sight, all the dead men were rather off putting... But Fleur was magnificent. Fleur's skin was pale and freckled easily in the sun, fitting for a girl with red hair and these green eyes that could be either viper poisonous or clover soft by turns. She had these puffy lips that always pouted when she got angry and this gorgeous aquiline nose that she could always look down on you with. That was easy because she was very very tall for a woman, edging over six feet, taller than everyone in the squad but me. Tall wasn't as popular then you see. Women were supposed to be short and petite, dainty and soft little things that stayed at home cooking and cleaning. Fleur was rangy and tough, even before the war she'd been a champion runner in school and had preferred doing farm work and hunting on the family farm. Wartime shortages had melted what little excess weight had been on her off by the time we met and apart from the delicateness of her facial features could pass for a thin man with her hair short. We were inseparable for the next two years. Not just a physical attraction to her long firm legs and the tight waist either. She was fierce and argumentative, we'd argue about everything from the best way to infiltrate a German panzer depot to how the war would reshape colonial politics and I'm not ashamed to say that I'd lose most of the time. Some of the squad questioned having a civilian with us but she was risking more than any of them and was the only one who could pass as French. Even after we joined up with a resistance unit she stayed, by that point she'd killed enough German's no one would question her being there. She was a better shot than any of us and had a real aggression, a fire in her eyes that was as frightening as it was alluring. To me the war was a horrible, frightening thing to get through, a just task to wipe the stain of Nazism off the earth but awful. While to Fleur, World War Two was everything she'd always wanted. She got to lead (sometimes she led the squad more than me), got to blow up trains of V1 parts and stab SS Captains, got to kill the men who'd taken everything from her, got to be in control of her fate for once. As D-Day neared we grew closer together and well...rubber was in short supply in occupied France. By the time the Navy started bombarding Omaha beach, Fleur was getting morning sickness and despite the food shortages, she had to let her gunbelt out a notch by the time 3rd Army broke out of the hedgerows in Operation Cobra. We both knew she was pregnant by then but she wouldn't acknowledge it, that meant admitting she was going back to being a woman, expected to stay at home and wipe snotty noses and cook. Getting shot changed that a little, just a Luger bullet through the bicep, a clean flesh wound that the liberating medics treated easy enough but... "I don't want to lose our bebe," she confessed to me, bandage around her arm, "and without me driving you on, you won't get to Berlin before you die of old age." "And I don't want to lose you," I told her, taking the uninjured hand, "being with you is the only part of the last two years I don't want to stop." She had her shirt off which was...Fleur wasn't really showing yet. Her waist was still hard and muscular, just a little fuller. But her flat chest was swelling, mosquito bites having suddenly sprouted around her pink nipples. Next to her was an C-ration box, contents emptied in the half hour I'd spent briefing the relieving 4th Armored Officer. Now the C-Ration was despised by American soldiers as being totally unpalatable. But to someone who'd been starving in occupied France, it was case of heaven on earth. It had vegetables and meat (canned but still), it had sugar and coffee, it had jam and crackers, it had three cookies and a little rock hard block of chocolate. "But it has to, you're going on to the rest of the war while I'm...going back to being unimportant," Fleur sighed, frustrated and hurt, "restrained by whatever ass of a husband a pregnant girl can find..." I and my surviving squad mates already had orders to return to the 82nd Airborne while the Resistance troops we'd fought with were being drafted into the Free French army...except for her. deGalle didn't want female soldiers in his army, much less officers. She was expected to go back and rebuild the family farm and pop out b**s. War had brought us together by chance and was already sweeping us apart. "I...," was all I could manage, throat choking up, "I think I saw a padre in the headquarters..." Our wedding lasted fifteen minutes and was mostly filling out immigration paper work, Fleur's wedding dress being bothering to button up the Eisenhower jacket she'd grabbed. Our honey moon was a long night spent together in the hayloft of a barn, trying to pack an entire marriage's worth of sex into one night in case the worst happened to either of us. "I hope I don't hate America...," she panted after the third or fourth time, "will people try and tell me what to do?" "Its like everywhere. People will always try, you just have to not let them," I told her, more exhausted by her suddenly rapacious appetites than the war, "my mother for instance is a real Boston Brahmin, she'll try and turn you into a proper society matron." "Fuck her," Fleur laughed, rolling off of me and sighing, "I want to smoke but it'll be bad for the baby." "Smoking, bad for a baby?" I laughed. "Have you never read how many poisons are in cigarettes?" she challenged me, "My father was a doctor, he was sure those things cause cancer!" I laughed again, until I cried from where her thighs had been gripping my ribs. She'd been on top of me. She'd been under me. Wrapped up with me. My ribs hurt. My dick hurt. My back hurt. I'd sucked things on her that 1940s science wasn't even sure existed yet and been afraid her screams were going to call a barrage down on us. She laughed with me and tried not to cry. We'd fought and lived rough and killed people, but we were still little more than kids. Both of us were twenty three at the most, making us old for the war. "How about some food instead," she asked, sitting up and giving me the kind of look your mother would warn you about, "the little bastard you put in me is hungry." "You had a whole C-ration, that's supposed to be enough food for a whole day of combat," I joked at her, gently touching her stomach, "I probably won't recognize you when the war is over." "I was shot this morning," she said, punching my arm, "and I'm pregnant. Besides, all I want are the sweets. Its not as if I had a wedding cake." Finding my clothes was difficult in the dark, but I managed to find her a C-ration and a can opener. When I got back, she'd turned on a little flash light to illuminate our hay filled honeymoon suite, sitting with her legs crossed in the shadows like some some sort of pagan goddess expecting a sacrifice. "Feed me," she ordered, in the same voice she'd say "Take out that bunker." In the dark I slathered some jam over a cracker and held it slowly to her lips. She opened her mouth with a grin but I pulled it away before she could bite down, then put it to her lips again before she could do anything but glare. The cracker disappeared in a bite and she licked the jam from her lips. "More," she insisted, breath coming faster and harder. The crackers went quickly and she licked the jam tin clean. I made the cookies last as long as I could, breaking them into halves and running them over her body, making her moan and giggle before they went into her mouth. "More," Fleur ordered me, sweating hard and panting, hand between her legs. The candy bar was a Hershey's. I broke the little squares off one by one and fed them to her with my mouth. She kissed me and bit my lips each time, on the last square she drew blood. "Ow," I said, sucking my own lip. "A reminder to keep your head down," she told me, grabbing the back of my head and putting it between her thighs. The next morning I awoke with a very sore neck to find Fleur eating the last of the C-ration. Fleur went to America and the family manor in Massachusetts, plucked from combat into the only world power untouched by war where the most dangerous thing was my high class mother's realization that her son's French bride wasn't . I went back into the regular army, going through Market Garden, The Bulge and then into Germany itself as an OSS attache/Battalion Inteligence Officer. My wife wrote me a letter every single day, demanding to know about the war's progress. Over my mother's protests, Fleur quickly got a job at the Springfield Armory test firing rifles until she got too big in the middle and was sent home...which really seemed to happen quicker than I would have expected unless I lost count of the months. She started studying so she could apply to Yale, just to piss off my parents I think, and a lot of her letters were of complaints. My family's unthinking wealth and privilege, how annoying she found the English language and how much the kid inside her kicked. Fleur never exactly said that she was getting "Fat" in so many words. But the letters were full of phrases like "my swollen breasts hurt", "my shoes don't fit", "I tore another dress seam today". From future experience I would be able to guess just how much she'd grown at the time, but in the Winter of 44/45 I'd only ever experienced lean, hardy Fleur, a woman of nerves and sinew at war. The other Fleur, the one not in constant danger, the one who wasn't exerting herself all day...that Fleur I wouldn't meet until the Summer of '46.
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    Who should I cosplay next?

    Who should I cosplay next?
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    Goodgirlgrows Again

    Here's that housekeeping I mentioned: new pricing structure. So sexy right? I just realized it was completely arbitrary based on how I felt when I put the clip up. S - 7> minutes $1/minute of the video M - 7<15 minutes $7.99 L - 15<30 minutes $9.99 XL - 30< minutes $11.99 Latest weigh-in will always be $11.99 until it drops to $7.99 when it comes out because I'm a bitch like that. LETS GO BACK TO SEXY COMMENTS NOW, PLEASE!!!
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    Hey Guys! My (15 min) Brand New Cupcake 🧁stuffing video is only $6.99! .. Also, fair well my favorite pink pants! 🐷 This is how they fit me 30 lbs ago,
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    wife gave birth a few days ago and her boobs are out of control!! shes decided not to breast feed after struggling with our first boy and is wondering and hoping they may not decrease in size fully?? anyone with experience of this??
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    Hey loves, just in case you have missed it.. My latest clips are in my clip store now! 😁❤ I truly appreciate everyone who have been supporting me by buying my clips! Remember all of my sales for the next while is going towards a new camera and lighting so that I can upload the highest quality content for you ❤ Thank you to everyone that have been buying my clips and showing me some love, I truly appreciate YOU ❤❤❤
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    Guess I’m going to need to go dress shopping for a friends wedding 😅 nothing fits the new chubby girl body
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    MEOW .. The Curvy Cannabis Cat has a treat for you ..... ❤️ Im sitting on the couch .... my belly is exposed ... you see me and you know you can’t resist touching my soft, round, juicy belly. My rolls look good SO good you get the urge to BITE ... You drop to your knees as you come play with this soft, growing, round belly 😘🤩
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    BigCutie Chloe

    BigCutie Chloe in Calvins!

    You've seen every super model and instagram girl in their set of calvin klein undies. I thought it was time for some fat rolls to shine in them too! SUBSCRIBE for over 100+ sets! -----> http://chloe.bigcuties.com SNAPCHAT -----> bigcutiechloe BIGCUTIES BLOG -----> BIGCUTIES.COM BLOG
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    Well, if you have not yet seen my measuraments, come see, come check how much this round piece of artwork is going, come see how big i am getting. I bet you will love every inch and centimeter of my growing body, I assure you, there is much more of me to come!
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    Rachel Nichols

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    Goodgirlgrows Again

    Lol, I popped the clasp for the person who’s been encouraging me ❤️ Unfortunately, I wasn’t facing the best way when it happened. So much fun. That was before the above pictures! Hah! If you look at the comps (taken before I ripped it), you can see I couldn’t zip it all the way.
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    **NEW VIDEO!** It's no secret that I have a big, fat ass is it? But sometimes I feel like I don't show off my ass enough. My booty needs more love! So I decided to make a video dedicated entirely to shaking my huge ass, hips, and thighs. From my four poster bed I shake my giant butt wearing a crop top and light pink lace thong. It's a really nice show, trust me.
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    Hi everyone, I just want to give a big THANK YOU to all the beautiful women of Curvage who are willing to put themselves out there for us admirers. I'm sure it takes a certain level of strength and courage to show off your body and curves to a large community of people, most of who you probably don't even know. And that's aside from pushing against mainstream beauty standards to prove to yourself, this community, and beyond that, yes, you are desirable and beautiful. To take on that kind of mindset is very admirable. And then there's the content, which I'm sure takes ALOT of time and effort to produce. With all that in mind, I have alot of respect for all you lovely ladies who, at its core, make Curvage the wonderful community that it is. Thank you all for the eye-candy and for making my day a little better. Much love! ☺❤ - AJ
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    Big belly cutie 😉

    Big belly cutie 😉
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    Before/After - The Comparison Thread

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    i feel like my body is losing form...nice! (167!)
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    morning belly luv
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