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  1. Hi, We have a manual review process that can take a few days to process. Unfortunately I don't even see your application in the queue. *shrug* Can you apply again? And make sure to use image files only when submitting documentation. (no pdf's) If it works you will get a personal message immediately letting you know we are reviewing your application Thank you
  2. S77

    Trans Forum

    Thanks for the levity in this thread. We needed this!
  3. S77

    Trans Forum

    I need a word for my preference toward curvy women. I think heterosexual, cisgender lumps me in with to large of a group. Not nearly specific enough for my liking.
  4. Please someone invite them to be Curvage models!
  5. S77

    Trans Forum

    Both, @vennie, and @Starmada opinion on a complex issue. Thanks for providing.
  6. I think more folks should check out the blogs. They are awesome


  7. absolutely looking more curvy. Let's hope this continues.
  8. 15 minutes till the 9:00 PST back up happens and the site goes offline for a few minutes.

    Can't wait till Curvage gets on a new server where that won't happen.  (soon)

  9. S77

    Trans Forum

    I am glad to hear this because this is exactly as I suspected. If I am being honest, the question was asked more for posterity so others can see the response from you as opposed to me saying it. Thank you for taking time to answer something that likely should have been obvious.
  10. S77

    Trans Forum

    For others reading this, the reason there has been no action is because of the aforementioned quandary. I hear you, and I get that some of you object to seeing photos of folks who don't align with your gender preference. However, the idea of segregation in any form feels a little uncomfortable. We have floated the idea of tagging things "trans". Ok, what if we tagged things by race? Can you imagine forcing people to tag their posts as "black"? That would be outrageous, so why is it different for gender? Both gender and race are protected classes. Do you see what I mean? I realize there are some valid arguments against my points here. However, I think we all agree that It's a tricky situation. It seems like any action we take can lead to a slippery slope in the wrong direction. It really, to me, feels like the best solution is to realize that in life there are things we don't like. As such, move on. @Avataг seems to have the most logical solution. Dislike photos in a thread? then click out and don't return to that thread. This is why our gender selection, is male or female and there are no special trans forums etc. (To avoid that kind of discrimination.)
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