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  1. And a soda chugging video please

  2. Another cake stuffing video please

  3. New Blog please?

  4. Hi, I recently come across your post, for some reason I wasn’t able to reply. In response to why I no longer display serious mass in my photos or videos anymore is simply because I don’t drink it anymore. For a number of reasons.. I got bored of the taste. After a while, I felt like it was just bloating me up rather than putting any actual weight on me and my body was starting to scream change. So I did.. I now use reflex.. slightly less calories but tastes better and works great for me.  

  5. A short video. I show you how round my belly has recently become. I talk about my gain and give you an update on my growing body. GS X x


  6. You are so good!!

  7. Do you have any tips on how to get fat faster?😅💞

  8. Сможешь в латексе снятся 


  9. Can u upload a valentine day pic plz

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