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  1. Hello lovely people!

    Ive been slacking on my content because the camera I use to film, broke. So I need to buy a new one ASAP. For that, I come here to propose you this deal:

    You buy 3 of my videos and I send you for free equal price of the cheapest one you have gotten. Send me the proof of purchase and we can make it work. And for every purchae I will send my new photoset.

    Thank you all for feeding and helping me!


  2. It's my first set taken and I can't wait to share with you!! In the beggining it was a bit complicated to explain which kind of pictures I would like, but once the "gotta hide fatness" concept was gone, it went great!! This photoset has 25 high quality pictures of myself in many angles, this way you will see me perfectly and notice how fat Im getting Let me know if you like it! The 3 screenshots are not on the photoset as I uploaded them as a bonus so you can see the amazing quality, the 25 pictures are exclusive and never seen before.


  3. Good morning!! I'm sure this will make your morning better:


  4. I heard you like Before/after? Comparison pictures and all that? What if there is a video comparison? 1 year difference? Same outfits?

    Soon at curvage store 🤗



  5. Good evening!! As some of you asked for a before and after comparison picture, here we go! But I went a bit further and made an entire video comparison! Soon at curvage store ♥️🤗 But if you wanna check on the before:
  6. December 2018 I was feeling enormous after a very fast gain. Here I am, a year later, trying on the same clothes of the previous video. What a squeeze!! If you get this video and review, it will be my pleasure to send you the video from before 🤗 But if you would rather make me fatter and seeing with your own eyes how much bigger I am now, here is the link: Trying on summer clothes


  7. Super chunky in progress! Did you check my curvage store? Im sure you will find something you like! Speed gain month going great! Who wants updates? What should I film next?
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