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  1. 50 nugget challenge 🤤🤤

    thanks to @KittyPiggy for kick starting this! 💖💖


  2. I love a good challenge and decided I wanted to get in on all the fun! I switched it up a bit and went for some spicy nuggets, fries, and a chocolate frosty, perfect for dipping! Will I manage to devour all 50 nuggets and appease the feeder gods, or pass out trying? I might also just have to show you what i'm wearing under my shirt! ***** Clip features: Stuffing, fat chat, burping, belly jiggle Clip filmed in portrait mode! Thanks to @KittyPiggy for creating this challenge! 💖


  3. Hot && Fresh new video!!


  4. Dating can be sucky (trust I know!) and I get a ton of questions about how to approach feedees, so I made a video!


  5. It’s Friday come blow off steam and treat yourself to one of my newest clips. I’ll buy myself more food in exchange! Total win win 😉😉



  6. Having trouble finding your person, or sharing this fetish with a partner? Wanna hear advice from a model, feedee, and someone who’s been in multiple relationships (feederism and not)? Than look no further! I’ve got a dating + play advice video for you! This video covers everything from finding a feedee (and feeder), sharing your fetish with your partner, approaching models and established feeders, and how to win a feeders heart (it takes a bit more than cake!). Dating can be hard for everyone, add a fetish and desire many can see as taboo, and things can get even harder! Best of luck in your quest for love and pleasure! *clip filmed in portrait mode final gif is framing.


  7. The fatter I get the hotter I get! This clip features a couple different angles of me stuffing myself! 


  8. Come feed me and tell me I’m cute!


  9. Remember when it was warm? I bought some new spring dresses last week and omg I’m so excited to wear them!
  10. When a feeder says eat, I EAT! All 3,000 calories worth! 


  11. Did you know my ultimate fast food is Taco Bell? When my feeder sent me a text telling me to eat for them, I knew just what I wanted. I love the full greasy feeling fast food gives me, the salt always bloats me up the next day. I love knowing even more that each stuffing stretches my stomach a little more, allowing me to fit even more in. Each bite gets me closer and closer to my big weight goal! I'm extra burpy in this clip after all my soda! The best part? They deliver now, and not a calorie is wasted. **** Clip features: stuffing, fast food, booty shorts, upward view. Clip filmed in portrait mode, final gif is sizing


  12. Could be your POV but you don’t wanna spoil me 😜😜


  13. New nails! Zoom in enough and you can see my in the reflection of my ring! Bonus points to whoever sees the hidden Taurus sign! PS: I never do blue nails! These are so fun, what designs should I do next!
  14. I spy with my little eye: lots of new stretch marks! You can see them in all their red glory on full display in this shake chugging clip! 10k calories in 15 minutes 🤤🐷


  15. It’s Sunday and I’m craving pizza 🍕 

    help me feed my cravings by buying my recent clip!


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